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REEngine v1.0

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America's Army: Proving Grounds Signature scanner, amongst other tools such as the ease of opening a console, printing opcodes ect ect for debugging purposes.

It is simple enough to use, just include REEngine.h to your project, and then let's say you want to open a console:

TEXT Code:
  2. REEngine::REToolkit::Debugging::OpenConsole( L"Console Title" );
close the console:

TEXT Code:
  2. REEngine::REToolkit::Debugging::CloseConsole();
Find GObjects and GNames dynamically (instances will hold the number of occurences of the signature it's searching for... you'd want it to be 1):

TEXT Code:
  2.     unsigned int instances = 0;
  3.     REEngine::REToolkit::Game::FindGObjects( instances );
  5.     instances = 0;
  6.     REEngine::REToolkit::Game::FindGNames( instances );
...anyway you get the idea of how it works.

I know the scanner is not as efficient as it could possibly be, but it does what I want it to do in terms of finding and returning the pointer I am looking for, finding the occurences of the signature, 100% compatible with IDA, so you can just copy and paste the sig across without any of that modifying bs and i only ever need to use this in my init functions, so performance wise it doesn't really matter.

I'll be adding a function to convert a RVA to a full address, and I will probs add it to the post when I do.

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