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Griffins A3 Simple Hack

  • Kategorie: Americas Army 3
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  • Hochgeladen von: KN4CK3R
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  • System: Windows
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NoRecoil - (will be detected by most anticheats)
NightVision Toggle - (acts as if you have nightVision) so you can disable/enable with "N"
NoFatigue - infinite stamina and steady breath
Murder Mode - completely inspired by Douggems Arma2 version(teleports your bullets into other player entities and kills them!)

Things to note:
- Works off a mana system. Each option costs mana. If you run out or have too little you cant use that option. Enable/Disable of options cost mana.
- Lucky for you, you'll regen 10 mana every 2 minutes. Unlucky for you, you cant acquire more than 100 mana.
- If you enable murder mode you WILL be killed after 5 minutes...If you enable murder mode and shut it off before 5 minutes, you will still be killed! Don't try tricking the program!
- If you want to see your mana, it will cost you 2 mana!!(for the lulz)

I assume this will be detected within 24-48 hours upon approval from staff, use it while you can!
I take no responsibilty if you get banned, and I will not replace any banned keys! You accept the risk when using this!

Douggem -- for his awesome ideas and input
Quixotic -- becuz well i did glance at his a3 reclass dump
CoMPMStR -- helping with certain aspects

Download Griffins A3 Simple Hack
you will learn to distinguish the themes?
lol das is Arma 3 und nicht Americas Army 3 ... // the hack is 4 the game arma 3 not Americas Army 3
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