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AVA Public Hack - ESP | UAV | 2D Radar etc.

Download (276.71 KB)

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I'm not responsible if you get banned.

This hack may not work on 32bit systems and Windows 8! If it does then you're lucky, if not then don't post anything about it instead of spamming the thread.

WARNING: This free version of my hack does NOT have a report blocker. When you get reported with enabled Visuals, you WILL get banned!

Attention: To be able to use this hack, you need to download and install Um Links zu sehen, musst du dich registrieren.


- Box ESP
- Name ESP
- Health ESP (Health Bars)
- Numeric Health ESP
- Distance ESP
- Weapon ESP
- Snap Lines
- Projectile ESP
- Pickup ESP
- UAV (Visual)
- Box Type (2D Boxes, 2D Brackets, 3D Boxes, 3D Brackets)
- Snap Line Origin (Bottom, Center)
- Visuals Key
- Enemy Only
- Friendly Visible Color
- Friendly Hidden Color
- Enemy Visible Color
- Enemy Hidden Color
- Pickup Color

- 2D Radar
- Hide Radar Title Bar
- Draw Radar Cross
- Draw Own Player Point
- Radar Size
- Radar Scale
- Radar Cross Color
- Radar Transparency
- Radar Point Size

- Overlay Crosshair
- Crosshair Changer
- Overlay Crosshair Size
- Overlay Crosshair Color
- Crosshair Color
- Crosshair Shape


Credits for the SDK: TheFeckless, HOOAH07, uNrEaL, Tamimego, SystemFiles, R00T88, _silencer, the1domo, [email protected]@VEL, lowHertz
Credits for the hooking toolkit: Casual_Hacker
Additional Credits: Jeon, zZzeta/S


1.)Run the .exe
2.)Wait for the "Waiting for AVA..." window to appear
3.)Start AVA
4.)If the Hack Loader window closes after starting AVA, the hack is successfully injected.
5.)Use the ingame menu to enable/disable the functions. Toggle the menu with the HOME / Pos1 key.
6.)If the injection keeps failing try to inject with a different injection delay.


1.)Start this hack BEFORE starting AVA.
2.)ONLY working for UAVA hosted by AeriaGames.

Download AVA Public Hack - ESP | UAV | 2D Radar etc.
no more A.V.A hacks?
Zitat von gaberoks453 post
crypted rat obviously.

faggot obviously
crypted rat obviously.
Um Links zu sehen, musst du dich registrieren
hack no work
I have win 64 bit, put the DLL in the system32 folder and the folder and restarted the PC and thus not open
DETECTED, stop using this version of my cheat if you don't want to get banned.