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AVA Public

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AVA Public Screenshot
AVA Public Screenshot



  • Aimbot:
    • use your right mouse button to activate when its checkbox in the menu is checked
    • Auto aim
    • Auto fire
    • Aim angle: use the slider to adjust the aim angle to whatever you like.
  • ESP:
    • Name ESP
    • Box ESP
    • Healthbars
  • Weapons:
    • No spread/no recoil
    • Auto fire 2 (makes semi automatic guns fully automatic)
    • Weapon spawner:
      • Use the slider in the menu to choose a weapon
      • NUMPAD 3 to spawn selected weapon
      • NUMPAD 0 to drop your current weapon
    • Knife range hack
  • Others:
    • Godmode:
      • NUMPAD 1 to enable/disable
    • Jumphack
      • NUMPAD 2 to enable
    • BattleItem spawner:
      • Right/Left arrow to select Battle Item by number
      • Arrow down to spawn selected Battle Item
    • Hack Score
      • You get 50Attack, 50 Defense, 50 Tactic and 50 Leader points
      • Activated by pressing Arrow UP
    • Add Deaths
      • Adds 100 deaths (for those who want to still seem legit)
      • Activated by pressing NUMPAD5
    • Namer hider
    • Name stealer (steals random name from one of your teammembers)
    • Team changer
    • One Position Kill
    • End Round
    • End Game
    • Add Box/es
      • Add 1 to 26 boxes, choose with the slider
    • Bubble enemies (Causes them to fly)
    • Spammer ( spams "visit Um Links zu sehen, musst du dich registrieren for this free AVA Hack" )
    • Uncheck "Help" to make all the strings disappear when the menu is closed.

How to use:
- Use any auto injector (like PerX)
- If it doesn't beep and/or XIGNCODE still updates after the hack got injected (you can see this on the bottom right) kill AVA.exe with your taskmanager and try again
- Once you're in the lobby press INSERT once to make the hack work. Now you can use INSERT to toggle the menu
You have to have the injector inject AS SOON AS AVA.exe STARTS! else XIGNCODE will start and the bypass won't bypass.

Solving problems:
Make sure you inject the hack before XIGNCODE loaded, if you don't the hack won't work.

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