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APB Regoated - Internal Multihack - Rev 3

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APB Regoated - Internal Multihack - Rev 3 Screenshot


Feature Summary:

Make sure to actually read the config / settings section. This is only a summary of the features the hack has and the stuff you can configure using the menu console.

- Hardware ID spoofer
- Screenshot cleaner
- Clean video recording / streaming
- Speedhack
- Teleport
- Air control
- Bunnyhop
- Strafe hack
- Auto sprint
- Aimbot
- Perfect triggerbot
- Perfect autofire
- Autofire accuracy checks
- Perfect silent aim
- Server-side only weapon fire ('mong')
- Aim angle checks
- Custom target whitelisting / blacklisting
- Configurable settings via console-based menu (INSERT to open)
- 2D Boxes
- 2D Radar
- Name ESP
- Weapon ESP
- Grenade ESP
- Car ESP
- Aim Lines
- Tiggs ESP
- District auto join
- Car warning beep
- No Recoil (WARNING: possibly detected)
- Chat spam from text file
- Chat spam on kill (enable this pls)
- Client-side scale hack
- Customization blocking
- Client FPS limit remover (frame smoothing must be enabled)
Configuring and using the hack: >> READ ALL OF THIS <<

How to run the hack:
1) Download the hack and rename it to something random (like im_gay321.exe)
2) Run the hack as admin and launch APB.exe
3) Set your settings and hotkeys using the ingame menu
4) Have fun owning retards.
5) If any of this fails, completely disable anti-virus software and try again.

How to configure the hack:
The menu works via console commands. Commands are simply on/off toggles (0 or 1), integer values (i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...), or for scale, speed, basespeed, and teleportspeed, values multiplied by 100. Here are some examples:
aimbot 1
fakepsilent 5
speed 160 (if you want to set speed to 1.6)
scale 2000 (if you want to set scale to 20.0)
How to use the HWID spoofer:
IMPORTANT: The hack creates a random directory (such as C:\22db1857a65186ea) and generates a random 'hwid' file and the default 'settings.txt' file if one doesn't already exist.
To change your HWID if you get an account banned, simply delete the 'hwid' file in that folder. Do NOT change it every time you start your game. You should also change your IP as they track by that as well.

How to use the teleport hack:
Make sure you don't mix up the speed hack and the teleport hack. They are completely different.
To use the teleport hack: stop moving, press and hold the teleport key, run to the location you wish to teleport to without bumping into stuff (maximum 100m or so), and release the key.

Things to note:
  • The aimbot key and trigger key cannot be the same
  • Using 'mong' increases the time to kill of automatic weapons (makes them shoot slower). For semi-automatic weapons, there is no downside.
  • Enabling psilent while speedhacking can make movement much easier
  • If you don't have buttons on the side of your mouse that you can use for a speedhack / aimbot key, you can use aimbot 2 to make it always aim.
  • Depending on how fast your PC is, you might need to decrease the speedhack/teleport speed. Try values between 600 and 1800.
  • Check out the sample config @ the bottom of this post.

FAQ and Troubleshooting:

The hack has some minor bugs that I may or may not fix in the future.
  • Fake server-side aim angles (fakepsilent) may make interacting with objects (like contacts, objectives, entering cars, arresting players, etc.) difficult. Semifixed. Press F twice if it doesn't work on first press, but it should be better.
  • Weapon rate of fire will increase as you speedhack making aiming difficult and autofire less effective. Either stop speedhacking before shooting, or use a semi-automatic weapon with 'mong' enabled. Will probably fix this later.
  • The speedhack makes aiming very difficult if mouse smoothing is enabled ingame. You must disable mouse smoothing ingame.
  • Some people have reported that the triggerbot sometimes misses. I personally don't use it, and don't recommend using it for rage-hacking. If you have issues with it, don't use it - the aimbot is better anyway. It worked perfectly when I tested it tho.

Q: Why does the aimbot hit shots when it fires but not actually aim at players?
A: That's called silent aim, or psilent. You can disable it with psilent 0.

Q: Why do all players have default clothing and weird anims?
A: Customisation is disabled by default in this hack. To re-enable it, type customisation 1 in the console. Your own player's weird movement animation is because of strafe 1.

Q: The hack doesn't display ingame or says "Injection Failed".
A: Run the hack as admin, and *completely* disable all antivirus software as it can sometimes block injection.

Q: The aimbot / triggerbot / speedhack / teleporthack doesn't work.
A: Make sure that you set the proper keys and that the feature is enabled. If you still cannot get something to work, delete settings.txt and try again.

Q: Is the hack undetected? Will FairFight detect it?
A: FairFight in APB Reloaded doesn't actually function. It is mainly used to capture screenshots, track /reports, and track banned players by their hardware ID. At the moment, if you get banned by FairFight, it is a manual ban. This may change in the future in response to this hack release.

Q: The game patched. Does the hack still work?
A: Most likely, yes. The hack brute forces and scans for all necessary offsets at initialization.

Q: Why does the ESP flicker?
A: Anti-screenshot

Download APB Regoated - Internal Multihack - Rev 3
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I press f10 for the console commands and the thing dont work 
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