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Apb Reloaed MACRO

  • Kategorie: All Points Bulletin
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  • Hochgeladen von: KN4CK3R
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  • System: Windows
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It for all semi-automatic guns in apb. Better use for Joker SR 15, STAC-10, Obeya FBW, Colby .45 AP, Joker RFP-9, OBIR.

This is fastest macro. Macro using LAlt. My macro haven't camera lag without aiming.
So, speed of this macro you can see it on the video ;р
F2 Pause macro.

Small F.A.Q.
1) How to install it?
Just run it with admin rights.
2) How to activate it?
Set your fire button to LAlt.
3) Can I get vac ban for this?
4) Can I get ban by PB/FairFight?
Nope, it didn't touch the game.
5) Can it be detected?

TEXT Code:
  1. F2::Suspend
  2. F3::Reload
  3. ~$*LButton::
  4. Loop
  5. {
  6. GetKeyState, var, Lbutton, P
  7. If var = U
  8. Break
  9. Send {LAlt}
  10. sleep 15
  11. }

Download Apb Reloaed MACRO
didnt work
is This Apb ?