23:52 - nando3000:
anyone knows any aimbot for warface?
23:53 - nando3000:
plz guys say it to me
23:54 - nando3000:
23:54 - nando3000:
23:56 - nando3000:
cmon guys dont be bad
23:56 - nando3000:
say it please
00:35 - SazanamiTokichi:
I was in MM and in ennemy there was an hacker xD Duel of cheater, i was laughting xD
00:35 - SazanamiTokichi:
ennemy team*
00:36 - redninja:
cs aimbot hack undetectable?
00:38 - csrane:
cs aimbot hack undetectable?
00:51 - joaocarlos24241:
When any hack to csgo of wallhack undeteced ?
01:13 - AidenPearce:
01:30 - marius1997:
01:36 - csrane:
01:57 - marius1997:
why are der no hacks for warframe
03:11 - Induriel:
multihack v5 is detected
03:11 - Induriel:
someone got vac
i got a VACcum cleaner
04:41 - xAnonymousX:
on special force 2 is detected -_-
04:51 - Induriel:
how long will it take until it s detected ?
04:51 - darkshadowsword:
make more league pf legends
04:51 - darkshadowsword:
league of legends
05:55 - imapinupfag:
whats the no border command?
06:50 - fox231kr23:
07:55 - markdraken:
rust experimental v1300 multihack undetected?
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All Points Bulletin / Bunch'o'Hair APB 1.2

Bunch'o'Hair APB 1.2

  • Kategorie: All Points Bulletin
  • Entwickler:
  • Hochgeladen von: KN4CK3R
  • Hinzugefügt am:
  • System: Windows
Download (761.75 KB)
  • VirusTotal Ergebnis: 2/47
  • virustotal

Beschreibung Features:
  • AimBot - bigger AimSpeed = Slower aiming
  • InfoESP
  • Lines to enemy - I'll probably make it to be full Box ESP in the future
  • Cash ESP
  • Bounty ESP
  • Radar
  • Macro - Right Mouse Button cuz I like that
  • TriggerBot - same as last time - shooting through walls
  • NoRecoil


Q:How to set Aim Key?
A:When menu is turned on press delete, release it, and then press key you want for aim. You should move sth in menu to refresh it.

Q:How to disable menu?

HOOAH07 for his help when i was just starting with game hacking
TheFeckless for his SDKGen
Geertje123 for testing (not entirely, but w/e)
5$andimyours/mielman for name of hack

V 1.2 - Undetected i guess
Turned back No Recoil.

V 1.1 - Detected
Removed No Recoil, G1 fucked up flag needed to make WPM work

V 1.0 - Detected
First release, continuation
 Download Bunch'o'Hair APB 1.2 
post So 16. Feb 2014, 12:57
bealziibub's Avatar
Is this supposed to open and stay open? when i open the file it vanishes. also theres been no explanation on weather this works in full screen or not, if not what res you have to use. if this is outdated it needs to be flagged as outdated.
post So 9. Feb 2014, 12:24
TtT_Lo0zZ_TtT's Avatar
Lol geht nicht mehr ^^
post Mo 28. Okt 2013, 19:08
GurKenJoeHD's Avatar
sorry hab mich vertan
post Mo 28. Okt 2013, 17:42
Olmoody's Avatar
Leider kein Virus. Aber Danke dass du nen alten Thread pusht.
post So 27. Okt 2013, 18:50
GurKenJoeHD's Avatar
Leider ein Virus
post Sa 28. Sep 2013, 23:49
lyky's Avatar
i have it in my game but it cat us eaimbot ans all the other tinks please help
post Do 12. Sep 2013, 00:08
kash77's Avatar
AIM requires a special resolution ? because he don't work...
post Di 27. Aug 2013, 21:52
simone's Avatar
kann mir mal pls wer nen apb reloaded aimbot wallhack eps usw drum und dram schicken was geht ohne ohne passwort und frage damit ich das griege wäre echt hammer 
post Do 8. Aug 2013, 05:05
xNoiZe's Avatar
Der hack sagt mir das er outdated ist stimmt das?
post Sa 6. Jul 2013, 13:03
KN4CK3R's Avatar
Kategorie: All Point Bulletin
Entwickler: jesterret

For some people it's still undetected, and others are getting banned.

If it's not working for you after patch or sth it's probably outdated. If it's not working when i updated it try Um Links zu sehen, musst du dich registrieren.

Name of the thread and hack sponsored by: 5$andimyours/mielman

  • AimBot
  • InfoESP
  • Lines to enemy - I'll probably make it to be full Box ESP in the future
  • Cash ESP
  • Bounty ESP
  • Radar
  • Macro - Right Mouse Button cuz I like that
  • TriggerBot - same as last time - shooting through walls
  • NoRecoil
  • Driver ESP



[APB] APB Bunch'o'Hair 1.2.4 Fix